Teach the way, not the direction! A quide to teach a leader.

Dr Dimitris Gikas
Director of Educational Programmes & Actilvities
Professor of Philosophy and Literature at IIEK American Education


No one is born a leader. Teachers create leaders. Aristotle creates Alexander the Great. How? Not by pushing him to kill Persians; by preparing him to become the greatest leader of all times. He taught him to fight for glory, not where to find the enemy.
A good teacher never shows, only prepares. Wishes, goals, plans must not be his/her. He/she teaches ways to live, values to follow. Same to the leadership. A good teacher never determines the leading position, he/she teaches how to lead.

Teaching is not just a job. Most people complain about the world becoming a terrible place to live. Some of them put the blame on politicians. “We have impotent leaders who only care for power”. Sure, but who’s preparing a leader? Who leads to leadership? The first leader a child meets is his teacher.

The greatest responsibility of a teacher is to let his/her students fly – in any direction they’ll choose. If the teacher did his duty properly, the direction does not matter. It’s the way to fly, not the direction that matters. Also, to let students fly is the most important lesson for a great leadership: To lead is to let people taking initiatives; to lead is to trust people’ s abilities; to lead is to let people doing their job; to lead is to teach the way, not the direction!


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