What will be the next wave of security trends for the next decade?

Alexandros Niklan
Chief Security Consultant ISGRC

What will be the next wave of security trends for the next decade? As technology evolves and integrates with our every day life and presence, threats will become more complex and dangerous, so demands for higher skills and levels of management in security industry will need to rise to fulfill expectations.

– SCADA and system automation. As more and more procedures and workflows are becoming more automated in form and execution, all threats and attacks will focus on disrupting and exploiting their weaknesses not just to destroy them but also to take them under full control (aka like ransomware). Handling an automated system as a threat tool by demanding ransom will be appearing soon , if it has not already.

– Identity theft. It will spike again as humans are still the most valuable resource and while biometric security features have set a new defensive measure in place, FAR & FRR are still a very weak link and can be exploited.

– Hijacking transportation vehicles like bus, car, motorbike, etc. Auto industries are still very much behind on security when it comes on connecting vehicles to the rest of the world. Hijacking a car is very easily done today with the right set of tools.

– Quantum based security. Quantum technology is already here and if obstacles like energy consumption and temperature handling are dealt with, then demands on security against complex threats will rise in a lighting fast scale. Add to this , the upcoming IPv6 protocol and someone may be able to see how the whole IoT will change in form and workflows.

– Demand for physical skills. While many in the tech world, consider themselves as skilled enough to face most of cyber threats, there is one (not so obvious) rising concern. There will be high level officials in the sector who will be owners of very sensitive data as guardians of clientele data. The demand for being able to overcome natural threats will also be a “must have”. They will be required to identify possible physical threats and be able to self protect themselves at least until first responders will arrive.


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