Immigration Invasion (#IstandwithGreece): This is just the beginning

Turkey is looking to build a concentration camp of 10.000 people capacity at Adrianoupoli (Edirne).

This however looks unjustifiable (at least based on Erdogan’s claims), as Turkey decided to open borders as they were not able, over official statement, to support any longer these immigration flows. Now they are building a camp of 10.000 only 30km away from Greek borders.
Reason of course is not humanitarian. Far from it, actually.

What Turkey is trying to do , is to build a permanent camp that will remain a constant threat to Greeks and as a result, European borders.

A camp that has 10.000 people capacity which may expand even to 20-30.000 people, in a riot incident , its residents may cover a 30km distance in only some hours. Greece, now, may guard its borders today but certainly wont be able to maintain a force of thousands there at 24/7 readiness of high level. This means that at certain time point, immigrants will penetrate the defense line and from Greek borders they will get afterwards into Europe.

This is another plan of Erdogan who has already done the same by demolishing Kurdish cities at southern borders of Turkey and moved in Turkmen as new residents , under the deception of a “winning lottery” for getting new houses in area. Diyarbakir is one place that this action took place. Next in line is the northern border of Syria, where Erdogan plans to move in thousands to inhabit the occupied land.

Last phase,  will be the attempt to send as many Muslims he can into Europe. Then he will be able to patronize all policies and decisions made by Europe as the “father of all Muslims” ( an evolution, someone might say from the nickname he claimed he wished , father of all Turks – Ataturk). This is a strategy and not a blackmail for more money.

EU on the other hand is moving kinda like an ancient and fat dinosaur. Slowly, tries to decide on something that is on high tense and calls on a summit of foreign ministers after almost 7 days from initial event and maybe enforce measures after a month or so. Imagine what would happen if Greece simply left borders as they were and was not protecting them , hard enough!

On top of that, EU seems to not even move on pushing for sanctions against Erdogan, who is using these people as a modern slave-smuggler and weaponize them against Europe’s states. They just give money to Greece which of course is good for Greek government, but won’t solve the issue, unless of course they want to pay monthly for keeping Europe’s border secure instead of , finally, taking a stand against this region’s troublemaker.

All of these events however reminds me an initial statement made by Donald Trump during his speech at UN in 2017.

Strong sovereign nations let their people take ownership of the future and control their own destiny,

Somehow i feel that was dead on, even if several elected leaders said that this may cause problems and invalidates the role of UN. Truth is that countries that depend on international institutions (close to an addiction level), will be facing serious security issues in the future. Greece may be one of them at first as EU fails miserably, but it wont certainly be the last afterwards that.

Alexandros Niklan
Sr. Security Consultant

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