Why Russia needs a New Ideology?

by George Tornikadis (Γεώργιος Χ. Τορνικάντης)

First of all, we need to clarify what it is an ideology. The word ideology comes from the Greek language and literally means the speech (logos) of an idea. Ideology is necessary for a nation, a state and for a human because can give meaning in their existence and in their lives. Ideology is this one which can motivate people to achieve things in their lives and to sacrifice time, power and energy for a major purpose. Also, can attract people to work and cooperate in groups and to have common actions since they have common ideas and common purposes. Without any idea, the human and the nation live and walk on the geographical map and on the political world without values and task which can make them feel full and useful to our humanity and to themselves as well. (1)

At this position, is Russia for the last 30 years since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Russia does not produce an ideology any more. Russia lost the political power, the ideological influence in the world and the motivation for nations in all over the world to believe in Russia and to support Russia. Except, the glorious bureaucracy, the big amount of banks, the definitely exceptional military technology and the great malls in the city of Moscow, Russia has no idea what exactly represents in this world and has left for it only the glory of the past, the spectacular churches and the great architecture from the Era of Tsars and the fascinating celebrations and the patriotism from the Era of Communism.

White Russia and the Tsars

Russia became political power and important geopolitical player in the geographical map of conflictions and of competitions after the great decision of King Vladimir to accept the Orthodox Faith from the Byzantine Empire and to rebirth in this way his people and to renew his kingdom. This action defined in the biggest percent the new cultural and spiritual identity of the Russian nation by giving them the right to ask and to demand one position in the place of Kingdom of Earth.

The New Faith saved not only their souls but their national character and their political presence in Eurasia. Literature, philosophy, art, poetry, architecture, everything was inspired by Orthodox spirit and everything had the print of the religious nature of Russians. (2)

Russia became an Orthodox Empire, compositing the German Empire and Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Sea Powers as Great Britain and France, the Ottoman Empire and the Japanese Empire. Russia was the only free Orthodox nation when all the other Orthodox brothers were under the occupation of the Turkish tyranny and brutality. After the contrast of (Kuchuk – Kainarji), Russia became internationally and legally the protector of Orthodox Christianity and of Christians in the whole territory of Ottoman Empire. That  fact gave hopes and created many expectations for the Greeks, Serbians, Romanians, etc. that one day Russia is going to liberate them from the Turkish tyranny and devote to its brothers the desirable freedom which the Balkan nations had been dreaming for centuries. Unfortunately, for those nations and for Russia as well, the Great Powers when they realized how strong Russia could be after such concept and the danger of the free Balkan nations to create a New World Order and an Orthodox Union with Russia which would be an geopolitical disaster and would overthrow their plans for small Greece and small divided nations for easier use and manipulation and at the same time would allow to Russia to come to the Warm Seas and break the Rimland (3), they invited Russia on the table of negotiations and gave to it some profits and territories in order to satisfy the ambitions and the dreams of the Tsars. And they succeeded! Some years later, the history will not forget, neither God, and Tsars would pay for this deny and cowardice with a big, hateful and bloody revolution!

At those years, White Russia represented the Orthodox Faith and the legal ‘’New Byzantine’’ Empire on Earth which exported ideology, hopes and desires for the Christian Balkan populations.

Red Russia and the Communism

After the exit of the Tsars from palaces and the end of one great period for the Russian nation but the last years a dark period for the poor people, the White Empire would be replaced by a new one, a Red Union.

Communism will replace the Orthodox Faith of deeply religious nation of Russia with an aggressive and revolutionary ideology, which will take ‘’metaphysical’’ dimensions in the mind of Russians and religious background. (4)

Russia, now is not an Orthodox Empire which cares about Christians and the throne of Patriarch, but a Socialist ‘’Empire’’ which cares, supports and influents the workers in all over the world and claims the global government in the Game of Thrones. The ideological books, militant literature, poetry, art, spectacles and parades, all of them in the service of Russian State in order to keep people into the union in action and in vigilance and people out of the union, to create to them the idea of one Socialist Paradise in which one, they would like to enter and to fight for this.
Important rule in the politics of Russia and in its influence had the communist parties around the world which they used to receive orders and the political line from the Communist International.

Many nations started a bloody civil war and participated in this ideological madness because they believed in the right of communism, in the Russian promises and in the words of communist leadership. Russia was an important geopolitical player then which definitely should not allow to United States of America to become the Global Leader and the World Tyranny. Unfortunately, Russia then, claimed this position for itself.

History showed us the final winner in this outrageous geopolitical and ideological war between the Sea Power, America and the Land Power, Russia. (5)
America win by forcing Russia to break its union which used to be preserved via violence, censorship and a lot of sacrifices from poor people in all over the Soviet world. Russia lost her domination and her prestige which undoubtedly injured the pride of Russian nation and disappointed the working class in all over the world.


Blue Russia and the President

After the fast collapse of Soviet Union and the chaos which dominated in the first years in Russia, one man managed to put in order the political and economical situation of the country, even if not as much as he could or he would like to do, the President Putin. At the same time, in 10 years Russia succeeded to be United and not to be spitted in small ‘’nation’’-states as United States of America planned to do, claimed the resources of the country which passed to the private hands and international companies and made them Russian property again. Russia was arise up and became again a geopolitical player and a state with political speech when everybody thought that Russia is eliminated from the geographical map as a historical and political object, except the Serbian philosopher and writer, Dragos Kalajic who had different approach.

Nevertheless, Russia is united, Russia is powerful, Russia is back again. But is that enough? I’m afraid not! Because Russia does not produce ideology and does not create its own political and cultural ‘’product’’ . The Russian government besides the Day of Victory, can not unite Russians into Federation, can not convince that it’s another state with a different and specific identity, can not provide motivations to its people to love the country and make sacrifices for it!

At the same time, does not allow to other countries and nations to approach Russia and does not give them motivation, dream or expectations why they should participate in Eurasian Union (7) or why they should abandon NATO and the American ‘’dream’’ or European Union and the Western Allies. What the other nations can earn from this political initiative? What Russia can give them except from oil and gas? Humans and nations don’t fight and claim their rights based on prices, numbers, gas and cars.
Only the ideas such as Freedom, Love, Justice, Democracy, etc. can motivate people to fight, to act and to die for a major purpose in their lives as Gustav Le Bon wrote in 18th century. (8)

Russia needs a new ideology and a new identity. The White Russia belongs to the history and the Kings are not coming back. The Red Russia died suddenly as suddenly was born into blood and slaughters and the only left is a dead body in Central Square to remind us the red past of the country. Perhaps, the answer at this question can be found in the third color of Russian flag, blue one. A color of tranquility and reliability according to the Psychology of Colors, a color of depth and a color which can be associated with the new democratic character of Russian Federation and with the new patriotism.


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