Europe is expected to experience a serious rise of muslim population in the next 10 to 15 years.

This cable email is from Podesta Emails archive in Wikileaks and presents a pretty vivid and concerning picture of the immigration affect on Europe. This makes very clear why most European countries are now shifting policy to a stricter level and increased border control. Podesta’s contact though , as described on email, considers that action to be “too little, too late”.

His contact’s presentation especially for Germany and Turkey could be used in today’s issue about immigration as T. Erdogan launches more threats than even of “launching an immigration attack” against Europe.

Wikileaks Telegram:
From: orca100@upcmail.nl
To: podesta@law.georgetown.edu
Date: 2016-02-21 00:51
Subject: Multikultistan: A house of horrors for ordinary Germans


Britain is something of the odd man out in immigration-devastated Europe, having also received large numbers of successful non-Western immigrants such as Hindus/Sikhs and Chinese. By sharp contrast, the UK’s Muslims, blacks, Roma and other problem immigrant groups do no better than those on the Continent, as I will show with statistics at a later date. Muslim Immigration and Multicultural Madness have left a trail of misery and mayhem across Germany – with far worse to come because of demographics · Muslims make up only 9% of Berlin’s population, yet account for 70% of young repeat criminals, revealed Berlin public prosecutor Roman Reusch http://www.spiegel.de/spiegel/print/d-51448987.html.

To be more precise, 46% of Berlin’s juvenile serial criminals are of Arab descent, while 33% of them have Turkish ancestry


 In an un-German display of harsh-truth telling, Reusch said in Der Spiegel that “in parts [of Berlin], the population consist almost exclusively of problem cases.” As he tells it, immigrant children as young as six or seven years old turn to crime and grow up to see honest hard-working people as targets – walking sources of easy money. German society is completely powerless in the face of growing ruthless violence and crime. To describe the German police and criminal-justice system as a big joke would be unfair to big jokes. You won’t be surprised to hear that the outspoken public prosecutor has meanwhile been sacked from his job and banned from talking to the media.

  • The German police admits that large immigrant areas of Berlin, Hamburg, the Ruhr Area, etc. have become police no-go areas, where criminals and extremists have free reign. Within no time at all, a lone police patrol car making a foray into Germany’s ethnic war zones finds itself surrounded by a baying lynch mob, much like US soldiers in Baghdad at the height of the troubles, added Roman Reusch.

Check out footage of Berlin’s Wedding district, which has become too dangerous for a single police officer to work in, as told by a policeman dressed in civilian clothes for his own safety

A ZDF report (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBgsqPgEcEk) explains that rapidly growing immigrant violence against police officers is not confined to Berlin and Hamburg. The Ruhr Area, to mention another example, has also seen the emergence of ghettoized police no-go areas. That is confirmed by a Westen interview with Bernhard Witthaut, the tightlipped chairman of Germany’s largest police union, who knows so much more than he is prepared to let on.


 In a few decades, he won’t need to be so precise and can just wave in the general direction of Berlin. The operative word is demographics – a concept alien to German Leftists, who suffer from a severe case of innumeracy. · Whites are fleeing West Berlin to escape immigrant violence specifically targeting native Germans. So says juvenile court judge Kirsten Heisig in a ZDF report http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sCxZZLWeUU

 Groups of heavily armed young Turks and Arabs routinely beat white youngsters into pulp, especially their faces and teeth, while filming the whole episode for distribution among their mates. The juvenile court judge provides the grisly details http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DHJouSioDU

  • Anti-white racism of the most virulent kind has become a fact of life across Europe, but perhaps nowhere more so than in Germany. Kirsten Heisig’s book When Patience Comes to an End details the visceral hatred many Muslims feel toward native Germans, who are subjected to a daily torrent of abuse and ethnic slurs in their own country. Even young Turkish women think nothing of calling native girls “German whores” and chanting that “Germans should be gassed,” she writes. Here young Muslim women shout “So sieht Deutscher Inzest aus” at police officers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqeXMFrfVg8

 Lone native students at Muslim immigrant-dominated vocational high schools quite often won’t last a week and are lucky to escape their bullies physically unhurt. In this footage, four immigrants mug a German man in a Berlin subway station, beating him into a coma and leaving him permanently brain-damaged http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h33KeFIOk7A.

 The four perpetrators were teenagers from Albania, Kosovo, Iraq and Nigeria, who had earlier shouted “Scheiß-Nazis” and “wir hassen Deutsche” at the victim and his colleagues. The fact that, in all likelihood, most or all of them are refugees granted asylum by Goody-Goody Germany further adds to the heinous nature of the crime. I can give similar examples until the cows come home, and these are only the ones that somehow slipped past the censors. Clearly, Germany is now well beyond the banana republic phase and has entered the realm of patsydom. Always lurching from one form of extremism to the next, Germans have now decided that the role of an über-schlemiel is a perfect fit.

The New CorrectThink is: Deutschland unter alles! · As Green Party Co-Leader Cem Özdemir acknowledges, anti-Semitism is rife and rampant among German Turks and other Muslims. Matters are no better in Turkey itself, if a Dutch English-language article is anything to go by http://www.investigativeproject.org/2075/resurgence-of-anti-semitism-in-turkey.

 This footage with English subtitles of two anti-Semitic incidents (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9nbKp1KJ1Y) was recorded in the Netherlands, but could just as easily have been filmed anywhere else in Western Europe. Multicultural Europe is ringing to the sound of Judenbeschimpfungen, and we ain’t heard nothing yet. Even pre-Toulouse, various in-the-loop sources said that many if not most Jews in Continental Europe were ready to flee to Israel or America at a moment’s notice. The German Left always hears echoes of the 1930s and 40s, and they don’t know how right they are. · 43% of gays in Berlin have experienced hate crimes perpetrated by Muslims in particular, while two thirds of Turkish high school students in Berlin display homophobia http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,562638,00.html


 The same picture can be seen in the rest of Multicultural Europe. To quote the Toronto Sun (http://www.torontosun.com/comment/columnists/ezra_levant/2010/10/08/15630946.html),

“If you think Amsterdam is the gay capital of Europe, you’re half-right, but 10 years out of date. Today it’s the gay-bashing capital of Europe.” Although I can quibble over one or two remarks made in the article, its main thrust is spot on.


  • Yet another target group for young Muslim males consists of German girls. I am not only referring to the large number of white sex slaves once or still held by German Muslim pimps


 (the most conservative estimate for the Netherlands is 6,000), but also German girls and women in general.


About 2.5 minutes into this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDoOxBppK0U


 Muslim feminist Seyran Ateþ explains that young Muslim men use the word Hure as an abusive term for German girls as a matter of course. Another favorite is Deutsche Schlampe. · Unlike the Multikultis, the German working class cannot block out or distort awful reality and needs to live in the real world. For example, I have a hunch that there are precious few Multikulti converts to be found among German bus drivers

In another clip, a German bus company spokesman explains that even immigrant pensioners beat up bus drivers. Let me also show you images of a 78-year-old German female shopkeeper hit 50 times in her face by a 14-year-old Bosnian http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crWXxpjEbNg

  The young robber belongs to a family granted asylum by Germany. Heart-warming, don’t you think? · Der Spiegel (http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,654921,00.html) reports that a staggering 50% of Berlin’s Turks live on the dole. But if you include stay-at-home Turkish women living indirectly off benefits, the unemployment figure rises to about 70%! Everything I’ve read about Berlin’s Arabs suggests to me that subsidized slothfulness among them is even worse. A humorous sign in America’s Rocky Mountain National Park sums up what is wrong with Welfarized Europe, “Please do not feed the squirrels. If you feed the squirrels, they’ll become overweight, and prone to disease. Their population will grow, and they’ll lose their ability to forage for food on their own. They will expect you to feed them and will attack you if you don’t. They’ll become like little welfare recipients, and you wouldn’t want to do this to them.” · A mind-mashing 63% of preschool immigrant children (often 4th generation!) in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district speak little or no German and are theoretically inadmissible to an elementary school, reveals Professor of Pedagogy Ali Ucar in Time magazine. That’s what Muslim parents call “giving your child a head start in life.” The wider problem is that these kids bring along zilch educational and character-building baggage, courtesy of can’t-be-bothered parents. The poverty of aspiration among welfarized Muslim immigrants is a far greater impediment to progress than the poverty of wealth experienced by newcomers in the distant past.

Uup to 50% of immigrant students in some classes are unteachable, which may well be representative for Berlin. Not that the rest is Nobel Prize material, to use the understatement of the past millennium. It’s worth your while to view the whole report, which will leave even the most jaded observers shocked and depressed. Ordinary Germans will pick up the tab in the form of astronomic welfare costs and an extremely violent crime wave. · Young Turkish criminals have a vocabulary of 500 German words largely devoid of any grammar. As a matter of fact, Time writes that most third-generation Turks speak insufficient German (read: Mickey Mouse German) and that almost three-quarters of German Turks live in Turkish-speaking enclaves. You will be straining to follow any of the Turks in the featured clips, whose German is so dreadful as to be almost comical.

  • The language skills of Arab criminals (in Germany, Arab is catchall tag for anyone from that region) do not seem to be any better than those of Turkish street goons.

Here you’ve got a young Arab street thug in a TV studio telling a German audience that he routinely beats up Germans for money and for “giving him a wrong look.” However, his Street German is so bad that even Germans can hardly make out what he is saying. He could well be a member of the untouchable Kurdish-Lebanese 2,600-member Miri clan – one of many Arab clans and extended families who plunder and terrorize Germany with total impunity.


 The PC-straightjacketed German police strikes me as being no more effective than the two bungling detectives in The Adventures of Tintin. · The cataclysmic language situation among Deutschtürken does not stop Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of Greater Turkey, from making the beyond-bizarre demand that German Turks learn Turkish as a first language and continue speaking Turkish in a foreign land. Pushing the envelope like a bulldozer, he is now even clamoring for Turkish-only high schools in Germany. Well, why not? He is already in full control of all Turkish mosques in Germany and might just as well go the whole hog. During a 2001 speech before German Turks in the city of Düsseldorf, he even had the gall to tell them, “You’re my citizens!” When will Germany, which is beginning to look like a Turkish colony, come to its senses?

· With a rapidly graying population of 82 million, Germany is now playing host to 5 million Muslims. They divide into 4 million Turks (including 400,000 Turkish Kurds), 500,000 Arabs (a label used for just about anyone from that part of the world), 300,000 Ethnic Albanians (originate in Albania, Kosovo and the Republic of North Macedonia) and smaller groups. That figure of 4 million Turks – which includes second-, third- and fourth-generation Turks – comes from Wikipedia, The Globe and Mail and other sources. Not factored in are the large numbers of illegal Turkish immigrants living in Little Istanbul’s across Germany and working in the black-market economy. Predictably, I could not readily find reliable info on the future ethnic face of Germany. So for demographic clues, let’s look at France, which is home to 62 million people, including 6 million Muslims.

A Jerusalem Post article and other sources expect France’s Muslim community to be the majority within 50 years. “If the low birth rate of indigenous French citizens and the prolific demographic expansion of the existing 6 million Muslims continue,” writes the newspaper, “there is every likelihood that in 50 years France would become a predominantly Muslim nation.”


In actual fact, The Jerusalem Post is being wildly overoptimistic, having completely overlooked a game-changing event: Turkey’s probable entry into the EU, which is the herd of pink elephants in the immigration debate. Locally and regionally, Muslim dominance will make itself felt much sooner in Europe. For example, overwhelmingly Muslim immigrants already account for about half of the population in the Netherlands’ four biggest cities, even forming a small majority in Amsterdam. An even more striking example is Brussels, Europe’s Capital. Predominantly Muslim non-Western immigrants represent 70% of the Brussels population and will reach 85% within a decade, according to sociologist Jan Hertogen, whose delight at this development knows no bounds. To put it vividly, Brussels has turned into one Big Banlieue, except for the EU & NATO Gravy Train, whose official religion of PCness could not contrast more sharply with dire reality across Western Europe. Belgium’s second-largest city, Antwerp, will have a majority-immigrant population within less than a decade, while other major Belgian cities are not that far behind.

 Actually, he is being modest! Indulging in a bit of wild-eyed speculation, I suspect that Turkey’s PM envisages the creation a “Greater Turkey sphere of influence” along the lines of what is shown 40 seconds into this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_Dzq_mKhok

Among so much else, this includes the Great Seljuq Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Mogul Empire, all regions speaking a Turkic language (200 million people have a Turkic language as their native or second tongue), the whole Muslim world, plus rapidly growing “Satellite Dish Europe,” which may well double in number or much more on Turkey’s likely admission into the EU. Once the influx of Turks picks up momentum, the whole of Western Europe will frantically wave them on in the direction of Germany, shouting at the top of their lungs, “Deutschland gut, Deutschland multikulti!” · While women’s shelters are overflowing with terrified immigrant women, nutty-as-a-fruitcake German judges tell abused Muslim women that their inhumane treatment at the hands of their menfolk is all in the game for Muslim females.

“In Germany today,” The Independent writes, “Muslim women have been reduced to third-class citizens stripped of core legal protections – because of the doctrine of Multiculturalism, which says a society should be divided into separate cultures with different norms according to ethnic origin.”

http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/johann-hari/johann-hari-ho w-multiculturalism-is-betraying-women-446806.html

 Also bear in mind that most abused Muslim women are too terrified to ask for outside help in the first place and for good reason. Germany, too, has seen its fair share of reported honor attacks, which probably only form the top of the tip of the iceberg. It is much more difficult but not impossible to hide honor murders. Given the shocking attitudes of young German Muslims toward honor crimes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaBj0SSmXvo

 Germany must brace itself for much more of the same. The German Multikulti Terror State is an extremely dangerous place for the Politically Incorrect. To mention just four immigration critics, Kirsten Heisig killed herself; Seyran Ateþ went into hiding after an attack in which no one lifted a finger to help her; Thilo Sarrazin will require body guards for the rest of his life; while Roman Reusch has been demoted and media-muzzled. In the blink of an eye, I could Google together half a dozen prominent activists who have suffered similar fates. On top of that, thousands of second-tier dissidents have probably been ostracized and harassed out of existence. Hey, who needs the Stasi, when you’ve got the Multikultis?!

  • Perhaps mentally exhausted from her lone uphill battle against the Mighty Multikulti Mafia, juvenile court judge Kirsten Heisig committed suicide in 2010. What will not have helped matters were the growing number of unbearably grisly cases she was facing on a daily basis, as well as the death threats and unimaginable invective directed at anyone foolish enough to speak out on the Immigration Disaster.

This clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOQda5kOTUo displays an English-language text saying that many believe that the judge was murdered and goes on to show German news footage of her with English subtitles. Her book When Patience Comes to an End became a No. 1 bestseller in Germany and will spawn a movie. · At the same time, ghastly tidings from the rest of Western Europe keep coming in thick and fast. A tiny selection from my bulging mailbag: 100,000 girls and women mutilated by FGM practitioners in the UK; an immigrant rape epidemic in Scandinavia; four Jews and three soldiers murdered in France; predominantly black gangs have parceled up and terrorize London; Pakistani lover boys ply their awful trade in Britain almost without let or hindrance; plus public-transportation workers, hospital staff, ambulance employees, firemen and police officers across the Continent suffer from unbelievable levels of violence, threats and verbal abuse from immigrants, with some of the most appalling scenes witnessed in Sweden, rated as having the worst immigration record in the whole of Western Europe by Elsevier magazine.

  • Almost all Turks in Germany and Turkey are in complete denial about Deutschtürken’s atrocious behavior across the board and even bask in utterly risible victimhood. What strikes me the most about a Turkish culture so obsessed with “honor” is the total absence of any shame over bringing so much hatred, aggression, crime, misery, urban decay, welfare costs and dysfunctionality in all areas of life to Germany and other European host countries.

In a brief window of opportunity – which was slammed shut in the wake of the media coverage surrounding the Far-Right Murders – German public television made a few halfhearted attempts to debate catastrophic immigration in Germany. If I heard this correctly while listening with half an ear, at the beginning of one program, a Turkish interviewee unblinkingly described immigration in Germany as “ein Erfolgsmodel” (a success model), without eliciting roars of Homeric laughter from the studio audience. I could almost hear the WDR journalist thinking, “Oh my God, we’ve got a live one here,” before he went into full career-protection mode and managed his best bullshit smile ever. One of the few exceptions in the Turkish community is feminist-social scientist Necla Kelek, who has defended Thilo Sarrazin, the bête noire of German politics, explaining that he addresses “bitter truths” in his much-talked-about book. The Multikulti Mullahs still have Germany in a chokehold, but for how much longer?

 Multiculturalism – the human variant of mad cow disease – seems to have run its course in much of Europe, but is still going strong in Germany. Tune into German television or visit German news websites, and it’s like going back in time to much darker days. Most (but definitely not all!) German media coverage of Turkish and other Muslim immigrants is just one big blur of Multikulti twaddle. In fact, the reporting is so delightfully deceitful that it becomes entertaining in a demented freaky sort of way. In strident denial of staring-them-in-the-face immigration calamities, the vast majority of German journalists continue to preach the multicultural gospel with all the religious fervor of snake-oil televangelists, threatening the growing number of apostates with fire and brimstone. For example, the Hezbollah faction within the ZDF sees the subject of Deutschenhaß (hatred of Germans) as one big joke and uses its well-honed rapier wit to maximum effect http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MLzDMtmxmQ

  The phrase cringe television does not even begin to do justice to Germany’s Multikulti TV. Even worse than many journalists are German Leftwing politicians, who are to lying what Holland is to cheese. Baron Münchhausen cannot hold a candle to, say, SPD and Green politicians waxing lyrical about immigration and rejecting the crushing facts of life with deadpan delivery. To quote Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper http://m.theglobeandmail.com/commentary/angela-merkel-says-the-unsayable-on- multikulti/article1381180/?service=mobile, “Like Canadians, Germans have been swamped by official propaganda celebrating the joys of ethnic diversity. In both countries, expressing doubts over immigration policy has been socially verboten.” Although Germany is now surrounded by smaller nations that are beginning to see the light (the Netherlands, Flanders, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria), Germany remains trapped in the PC Dark Ages.

Why is this so? Under Hitler’s looming shadow – which obliterates any well-informed and rational discussion of snowballing immigration problems – German Polite Society has long had an easy task of ruthlessly imposing its particular brand of PC Nastiness on the German masses. The frequent invocation of Hitler still serves as a nuclear weapon in the immigration debate, as infantile as that may sound to more mature and developed nations. German society is like a dog that has never outgrown its puppy phase, and the Left is hell-bent to keep it that way. Say anything deviating one syllable from Loopy Lefty orthodoxy, and you are accused of being a Nazi (quite often by folks with strong Leftwing Nazi credentials), put your career at risk, face ostracization and become an easy target for violence and intimidation from Muslim Supremacists and Black Blockers. The German national character also comes into play. Most Germans are docile, group-oriented and fearful of authority to a degree that their naturally rebellious and big-mouthed Dutch neighbors

 – the New Yorkers of Europe, if you will – would find side-splittingly hilarious. But as Johan Cruyff famously observed, “Every disadvantage has its advantage.” The rapidly escalating immigration mess created by Germany’s Multikulti-Narren has now become so horrendous that reality can no longer be hidden from view. Quite a few über-shocking media reports had slipped past the PC censors, before the Far-Right Murders put a halt to that blast of glasnost. In three years’ time, a select group of German journalists with balls and brains will probably pick up where they left off and will once again tell the unvarnished truth on immigration. Equally important, more than half of Germans are now in revolt against the Leftwing Establishment, and their number will only increase in the face of the demographics-driven banlieue-ization of their country. Germany has also produced a dozen immigration critics of note, including those mentioned in my previous email. Even Angela Merkel, normally as cautious as a snail braking hard for a curve in the road, felt compelled to talk to the nation like a Dutch uncle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKG76HF24_k.

What is further working against the Multikultis’ still-iron grip on power is that Germany is becoming the odd man out in its own neck of the woods. Thankfully, the sort of PC Wackoism that is pretty much prevalent among Germany’s Ruling Classes is getting rarer by the day in Western Europe and is being steadily pushed out to the fringes of Western Europe (Britain and Sweden/Norway). The demasqué of the Multikulti Horror State is complete, but that news has not yet reached the German powers that be Polish-born Henryk Broder is well aware that neighboring countries – left reeling from their own immigration experience – are beginning to regard Germany as la risée de l’Europe.

In a TV appearance, Broder makes a scathing assessment of German Polite Society, which is incapable of accepting even the most basic home truths and having a productive public debate about an issue that, because of unrelenting demographics, will loom ever larger in Germany. The enfant terrible of German journalism takes the whole Multicultural Cabal to task and cuts through all the crap: Almost all immigrant problems in Germany are Muslim-connected.


 No number of red herrings fished up by the multi-billion Diversity Industry will ever change that Mother of All Facts. And no amount of starry-eyed rhetoric on the part of Green Party Co-Leader Cem Özdemir, who locks horns with Broder in the TV program, will ever make the slightest bit of difference. You might just as well try to wish gravity away. Tragically, the immigration situation is so much worse than even Broder thinks in his lily-white innocence. Just take a load of the litany of human disasters in Germany detailed above. Alternatively, examine the state of affairs in equally blighted neighboring countries.

Let me quote a few facts and figures from the Netherlands – the only country in the world where oft-devastating immigration statistics are fairly freely available. Shockingly, 55% of all young Moroccan males in the Netherlands have been the subject of a police investigation http://www.nieuwsblad.be/article/detail.aspx?articleid=GIE2B2Q4K. Indeed, the unofficial, yet reliable figure for Amsterdam is 70%! As if all of that weren’t deeply troubling enough, psychologist Indra Boedjarath http://www.trouw.nl/tr/nl/4324/nieuws/article/detail/1394009/2007/10/27/Dubb elleven-Marokkanen-fnuikt-psyche.dhtml explains that many Moroccan youngsters suffer from psychological problems, adding that numerous Moroccan criminals are “slightly mentally handicapped.” On and on it goes.

Although I have only built up a very rough impression of the Dutch equivalent of the BBC’s Crimewatch program (cannot bear to watch it for more than a few seconds at a time), the common thread running through all episodes seems to be that almost all of the thugs are non-Western immigrants and that almost all the victims are whites.

The victims are often on the bottom rungs of society – from supermarket staff to frail senior citizens, who have been intimidated, humiliated, robbed, beaten silly or stabbed with blood-curdling brutality in their own country. The crime-program makers have even developed their own PC language to identify the never-ending immigrant rogues’ gallery paraded on Dutch TV screens, week after deeply depressing week. Moroccan suspects have a “North African appearance,” while blacks have a “negroid appearance.” Not that long ago, one Dutch black comedian joked that he watched this crime show to see what his mates had been up to, but few Dutch people were laughing.

The newly published book The Immigration Taboo by Joost Niemöller discloses that 50% of the Netherlands’ non-Western immigrants are unemployed, adding that this percentage is seven times worse than that among natives. Presumably, he confines himself to those actually drawing unemployment benefits. Throw in the little-discussed fact that almost all immigrant women in the Netherlands are unemployable according to the NRC newspaper, and real unemployment (all working-age people without jobs) among immigrants in Holland may well come out at 70% or thereabouts. Could it even be worse? Has Niemöller also counted all those immigrants who are jobless, yet have been falsely declared “disabled”?

Bear in mind that the tiny Netherlands holds the per-capita world record for the number of people on various forms of “disability” benefits, aka the Scam of the Century, namely 715,000. Everything I write needs to be carefully fact-checked; I’ve worked with great haste not only due to time restraints, but also because I find non-Western immigration an excruciatingly depressing subject. More broadly speaking, there is not even a single Western European country with a successful Muslim community, as I’ve shown with granite-hard facts and figures and will further substantiate with more of the same.

Instead, in only slightly varying degrees, Muslim immigration is just one long tale of woe and misery for the long-suffering host countries, which are in for far worse to come in the decades ahead because of barely understood demographic realities. Incidentally, the same sad observation can be made of the Black Diaspora in Western Europe, North America, Latin America and the Caribbean (see previous statistics-packed emails and upcoming info – you have yet to receive these!).

Germany’s Immigration Disaster Deniers have as much credibility as alien abductees spirited away in a UFO with Bigfoot at the controls Immigration Disaster Denial has deep roots in German society and goes way beyond the usual suspects – aging Communists in their last hurrah (so left-over ’60s rabble and relics of the GDR dictatorship). Almost as fanatic and myopic are the folks called das liberale Bildungsbürgertum, to use Roman Reusch’s caustic epithet for Germany’s Class of Educated Ignoramuses, who live in a whites-only cocooned fantasy world and indulge in Gutmenscherei at the expense of the vulnerable in society, slandered as “racists” when they have the chutzpah to complain about their awful lot. Suffer in silence, will you, and let us dream on!

For example, I was aghast to learn that the flat-earthist book The Scaremongers: The German Fear of Islam had been penned by a journalist in the employ of the Frankfurter Allgemeine and not some fringe Trot rag. Who would have thought? It’s almost as if Germany’s Babbling Classes wish to make up for their lack of humor and humanity with nonstop misguided moralizing and grotesque grandstanding. In my experience, those who holler the loudest about morality possess the least amount of it. History will render a devastating verdict on the FAZ journalist and all other flat earthers, lampooning the PC Era as a period of moral and mind meltdown of the sort Europe has seen so often in recent times.

However, that is cold comfort to the many long-suffering victim groups described in my messages, including white elderly people who are imprisoned in their own homes in ethnic hellholes and are forced to live out their final days amid horrific levels of vandalism, theft, vitriolic threats and violence from even very young immigrant children, backed up by bigger siblings and parents, as I heard in distressing accounts. I also witnessed some of these blood-boiling scenes in South Rotterdam.

The very least that white senior citizens across the multiculturally afflicted parts of Western Europe can expect is name-calling and intimidation, as exemplified by footage with English subtitles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYqzy-QrQZM of a white elderly woman in a city train in Copenhagen who is being bullied by a North African man (probably a Moroccan).

One highly unusual comment to the Danish train clip reads, “My Muslim brothers are such pigs, I understand why everyone hates them.” In various interviews, ex-public prosecutor Roman Reusch reserved special scorn for Germany’s Clueless Cultural Classes, who sit pretty in their affluent whites-only enclaves far removed from all the ethnic misery and engage in exalted Multikulti-Moralreiterei to the severe detriment of the working hoi polloi. He sharply contrasts the Multikultis’ lofty position in society with that of a lowly sales assistant who has already been robbed three times by hordes of armed immigrants and needs to pop tranquilizers every morning, so that she can get through another day in the multicultural war zone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aqc7mxcfJbI

 In the words of German journalist Sabine Beppler-Spahl, “Being ‘pro-immigration’ and ‘pro-multiculturalism’ in Germany today is like a lifestyle choice, a way of proving that you are culturally refined and cosmopolitan, unlike the supposedly uncultured, racist working classes.” Every German pays a hefty price for botched immigration through higher taxes, but it is bottom-of-the-heap whites in the “war trenches of society,” who figuratively and literally bleed for the ignorance, idiocy and callousness of the Yapping Classes.

Sadly, the working class is only one of various segments of German society increasingly hurting and suffering at the hands of Muslim immigrants. Other hard-hit victim groups include Jews, gays, the old and frail, plus native young people. And matters are set to get so much worse for them, owing to dramatic demographics, including Turkey’s likely admission into the EU. The info contained in my emails shatters this cozy image of a Multicultural Utopia, long flogged by Germany’s Diversity Mongers.

In one or two follow-ups, I’ll be presenting more details on the issues raised here plus new material. In examining German immigration, you need to make a sharp distinction between the country’s Muslims (Turks, Arabs, etc.) and its non-Muslim immigrants (Poles, Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese, etc.). By and large, the second group appears to be faring well. As part of a thick smokescreen created around the Muslim Immigration Debacle, the German Left likes to lump all immigrants together.

My Internet Blitz across Germany confirmed my very worst fears. All my writings require thorough checking, investigation and consideration, though. Truth be told, I am no expert on Germany at all and only follow developments there with a hundredth of an eye and ear, if that. There must have been a point in my life when I simply gave up on a country whose Yapping Classes appear to have all the acuity of mind seen in a special-needs schoolyard and all the moral courage found in a weasel farm. To paraphrase that old JFK quip, when I digitally rampaged through Germany, the thing that surprised me the most was that matters were as God-awful as I’d been saying they were.


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